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American Patriot Oil Testimonial


APO #20 – Hamit Well





American Patriot Oil was formed 10 years ago to lease and drill new oil wells in North Central Kansas. The oil wells of importance in this letter are located in Rooks County Kansas where I grew up.

I helped promote my first oil well in this area over 30 years ago and have been involved in the oil business here for most of this time.


The two leases of importance are the 160 acre Carpenter lease, which I acquired 8 years ago, and the 160 acre Hamit lease, which I acquired 4 months ago.  I had been waiting on the Hamit lease to become available since I owned the seismic on both parcels. These two 160 acre parcels lay end-to-end, with the Carpenter lease being on the south side of the Hamit lease. 


We drilled the first Carpenter well 5 years ago and hit a very successful oil well in the Reagan Sand zone at a depth of 3600’. This well began production at a rate of 140 barrels per day.


Just after this well was drilled, I was introduced to Monty who told me about Radiant Explorations innovative technology for the first time. His technology was fairly new, but very exciting, so I decided to pay to test their work. 

I hired them to look at the Carpenter lease but did not give them any additional information.  They identified the Reagan Sand zone at the correct depth perfectly the first time they looked at it. To say the very least I was quite impressed.


Using the seismic I already owned, and Radiant's results, I drilled a second successful well on the Carpenter lease. That well came in at 75 barrels per day.


It was about two years ago that Monty and I started discussing the possibility of oil being in or below the Precambrian Granite Wash zone. No one had ever drilled more than a few feet into it before and no geologist I had talked to believed that there would ever be anything discovered in it or below it.

We decided that we should have Radiant take a new look at the Carpenter lease but from the Reagan Sand zone on down. We agreed to look from 3600’ down to 6000’. That was when Radiant Exploration clearly identified a thick pay zone in the Granite Wash at a depth of 4225’. Almost 600’ deeper than anyone had ever drilled in this part of Kansas before. The zone was believed to be 35’ thick.


I knew at once that I wanted to drill down and look for this new discovery but my investors in the Carpenter lease were very skeptical. At that time, I was not able to get a deal put together with them. But Radiant had shown us that this huge new oil zone was below the 160 acre parcel to the north, the Hamit lease. I waited until the time was right and picked up the lease.


After getting the Hamit leased acquired, Radiant look at both leases again, and just as before all of the zones were showing up with the deep zone being located at 4225’ below the surface.


We were able to get the funding and investors in place and started drilling the APO #20 – Hamit Well on Monday 11/21/16. While drilling down to the Granite Wash, we found two oil pay zones in the Kansas City formation but did not find the Reagan Sand zone. The seismic that I owned showed that the zone should have been there but Radiant thought we were on the edge of the formation. Radiant was correct.


Right below where the Reagan Sand zone should have been was the top of the Granite Wash and the area of the great unknown. We were about to start drilling where no one had gone before.


It took us three days to drill the 600’ into the Granite Wash because the formation is so hard.  At 4200’, we found a large fracture in the formation. An oil pay zone that had never been discovered before. A true historical discovery for the record books that was found by Radiant Exploration and drilled by American Patriot Oil.


After this well was drilled and logged the data was sent to Michael Holmes at Digital Formations in Denver, Colorado. Using their State-of-the-Art software program they calculated the pay zone to be several hundred feet thick with over 260,000 barrels of recoverable oil reserves.


This historical discovery will completely rewrite conventional wisdom on how geologists and scientists view the Precambrian Basement formation in this part of Kansas.


American Patriot Oil owns thousands of acres of leased land in Kansas, and we will continue to have Radiant Exploration keep looking for more new discoveries. It may also be time for Radiant Exploration to look deeper below the Carpenter and Hamit leases, even further in the great unknown. 



Douglas Stewart


Douglas Stewart


American Patriot Oil

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