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Radiant Exploration, Inc.

Magnetic Resonance

Remote Sensing Survey

Technology Brief


Radiant Exploration has advanced technology that can remotely survey and detect the presence of any element on the Periodic Table of Elements. This is achieved using physical properties that occurs at the subatomic level of physics - Magnetic Resonance (MR). All elements have a distinct and unique MR signature and seven resonant harmonic frequencies.  Radiant’s MR technology is in an advancement of the same technology used in MRIs.

Utilizing satellite imagery, Radiant’s technology detects the frequency of the desired element as it emanates from the Earth’s surface.  A proprietary system of mathematical algorithms is then applied and an analysis and graphic presentation of the location of the targeted element is developed.  This includes the spatial location, as well as the depth of the targeted element.

In comparison to other Geophysical datums, such as Gravity Anomalies, Electrical Conductivity-Resistivity, Tellurics or Magnetic Anomalies, Radiant’s MR technology result in more refined results with the ability to search any area for any and all payload elements at a fraction of the cost.

Use of Radiant’s MR technology is fairly new in the arena of exploration but has had significant success in precious metals, gemstone and oil and gas exploration.  Most recently it was used to discover a shipwreck off the coast of Florida.  Because it utilizes satellite imagery, it can go to remote locations easily and cost effectively.  The work results in specific, actionable detail that can move your exploration program forward years ahead of traditional methods.

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