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Magnetic Resonance

Remote Sensing Exploration for the

21st Century

Precious & Base Metal Exploration




Oil & Gas


Groundwater Exploration
Subsurface Void

Applications and Advantages of Remote Sensing With NMR

Mineral Exploration

Powerful Exploration Reconaissance Tool 

Evaluation of Large and Small Land Tracts 

Frontier Level - New Deposit Discoveries

Detailed Mapping of Vein and Ore Bodies Can Save a Company Costs by Defiining Targets Early Thus Reducing other Exploration and Sampling Expenses

Oil and Gas


Groundwater Exploration

—Prospect areas can be evaluated prior to Leasing

Detection of Groundwater in All Environments

—Ideal First Exploration Tool – Can save money on other exploration expenses by providing targeted guidance for layout of seismic lines, geochemical grids etc.

Applications and Advantages of Remote Sensing With MR


  • Powerful exploration reconnaissance tool for the evaluation of large and small land tracts

  • Can be used for frontier level exploration or to expand existing orebodies

  • Individual metals can be identified and delineated - such as in depositional systms that contain both gold and silver

  • Powerful exploration reconnaissance tool for the evaluation of large and small land tracts

  • Effective for delineating areas of concentration within a placer deposit

Oil & Gas

  • Delineates oil location, additional  depth analysis can determine pay zone thickness and up dip/down dip orientation of sedimentary strata

  • —Targeted guidance for layout of seismic lines and geochemical grids can significantly reduce exploration costs

  • Prospect areas can be evaluated prior to leasing - reducing costs and risk


  • —Cost effective no matter your company's size 


  • Can map groundwater in fault-controlled systems or underground channels 


  • Can provide detailed mapping of large and small aquifers with reservoir thickness


  • Detection of groundwater in all environments

  • The detailed mapping of veins and ore bodies helps define targets early, greatly reducing exploration and sampling expenses 

More on Groundwater

Current and Past Projects

  • Gold Placer and Lode Mapping Projects:

AK, AZ, NV, MT, CA, CO, NM - USA, Peru, Canada, Chile, Central African Republic, Liberia, Australia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Haiti/DR, Honduras, Mexico

  • Silver and Copper Projects:                              

WA, NV, NM, AZ, CO - USA, Canada, Haiti/DR

  • Diamonds:                                        

Canada, USA, Liberia, S. Africa

  • Hi Sulfur Clay Deposits :


  • Oil and Gas Exploration:

CO, KS, NB, OK, TX, MT, KY, IL, MI, LA, WY - USA,        Offshore Nigeria, Haiti, Mexico



  • Archeological Exploration:


  • Subsurface Void Detection and Mapping

Old Mines, Caves, Tunnels completed on a wide variety of projects across the USA and the World

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